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New House moving knowledge
New House moving knowledge
After meimei home renovated, can't wait to move into new home experience the feeling, but moving is always tricky things, too many things not said, details are always required special attention, then note what needs to take note of the move? Following small make up just a few move common sense, for members ' reference.
How to select a moving company? When
renovation completed, many students may also move to ease the burden on his handling of the company here, small friends remind you:
moved to find proper moving company, especially for moving more goods and valuables. Relatively normal moving companies in this regard to ensure better. Regulations outside of business licenses, moving company, it is important that is sure to get road transport permit issued by the transport. And local transport Bureau website offers convenience of legitimate transport enterprise search. Second is the period, more than a few family does not suffer.
Tips: moving company in calculating the price move is evaluated when the departure and destination distance, both sides are there floors, lift, employers need insurance for valuables, is very hard to carry the cargo requires special equipment. Can a car to move.
1, five days before moving
cleaning furniture cabinets, spraying, avoid bringing cockroaches to new homes. New home thoroughly clean up, spraying insecticide and drain in the corner. Remember to back up the important data on computer hard drives in, notes document best early instruments such as valuables packed, away in the Office safe and secure place to prevent the loss.
/>2, moving day (1) moving company arrives, and lead people to identify which things need to move again, and moved to where, what floor, check handling costs and previously agreed unanimously, avoid moving to a half, workers sat starting at, and removal costs, should wait until everything is in place and then pay.
(2) when packed, it is best to give everything a number, affixed, at a glance, all cabinets, boxes should remove the packaging, do not let the workers attached to it moved.
(3) bulk glass furniture must be removed separately handling to avoid danger. If new flooring is not a wear-resistant, it is best to protect, or items on which will inevitably drag handling, do not think you told workers they would work.
(4) when in the old home, move small car, into their new home when to move large car, and the host will be the first to identify all of the room large are located.
(5) put all fragile items into one place, and striking marker, carefully reminding workers, last car of fragile, after arriving at the new home, the first move to get off, it is best to let workers carry directly to new home space such as bathroom (General moved little moved to bathroom).
3, and moved Hou
moved Hou of finishing:
(1) will ground, and table, and Chair, and Cabinet, wipe clean;
(2) put some daily essential of items finishing return bit, guarantee normal of life order;
(3) first finishing common of items, some usually basic without of things can put into storage between yihou again finishing;
(4) Dang home items basic in place, room also clean clean Hou, finishing clothing, and bed, and tablecloth,;
( 5) Finally, the room that lets put some decorations to beautify your home.
damaged Hou of claims:
(1) for household appliances of damaged, should please moved company burden maintenance costs, if completely damaged, should compensation new;
(2) for precious items of damaged, should please about sector valuation Hou for compensation;
(3) for moved company aspects reasons caused of personal hurt, should by moved company is responsible for medical;
(4) If claims process occurred disputes, can find consumers association or about sector solution.
(1) receive the necessary license: Community passport covers, vehicle passes, parking permits, dog cards, and so on;
(2) initiative and greet neighbors, mutual understanding, establishing initial relations with their neighbors.

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