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&Nbsp;6 Kunming, 7th of July 1 impose restrictions on yellow tagged car moving costs or zooms appeared, attracted the attention of readers, fearing that moving prices, it is difficult to cover moving costs. To this end, the Reporter gets back to vehicle pollution supervision and Administration Center of Kunming city, Director of the Center said Liu Yunhao, approval of moving vehicles, into the city traffic.
July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014, Dongfeng East Road (ring road) and Dongfeng XI Lu, Jin bi Lu, Beijing Road (ring road) implementation of yellow tagged vehicle restrictions. Military and police vehicles, fire engines, ambulances and engineering emergency vehicles, 20 (or more) passenger vehicles is not restricted. Provisions not mentioned in the moving vehicle, logistics, water tanker.
Liu Yunhao said, please full Kunming of moved company reported by using models, motor vehicle pollution supervision management center will on reported models for check, from pick out green standard car, this part green standard car can into a ring within job; second, yellow tagged car limited line range small, selected out of green standard car, can solution several limited line road of with car needs; last is scrap old vehicles, ten years Qian purchase of truck reached scrap years of, to as soon as possible eliminated, and update vehicles, ample green standard car number. At present, the Home Economics Association is preparing to model data reported to the vehicle pollution supervision and Management Center, to make eligible for passage before July 1.
but it is understood that, at present, Kunming 130 truck moving company used vehicles. Moving company staff, the car from the factory belongs to the yellow tagged car, once the limit line, Kunming all vehicles moving company cannot enter a ring job. To this end, a number of moving companies reluctant to take orders after July 1.
Home Economics Association officials believe that moving companies to service to the public, rightfully belongs to a special vehicle, I hope Government departments can release, or to allow some vehicles operating inside a ring. From July 1, the "yellow tagged car" violations into East Dongfeng road, Kunming city, Dongfeng road 4, jinbi road, Beijing Road, will be fined 200 Yuan, said Liu Yunhao, early will convince the yellow tagged car drivers education, once the Kunming city motor vehicle emission pollution control Ordinance established, will be punished according to the provisions in the Ordinance.
it is reported that the four restricted roads marking signs will be installed before June 30 (except construction junction), all the drivers according to the signs. Yellow tagged car driver Liu Yunhao also hoped they would stagger the restrictions of time, conditional, please update as soon as possible, and to advocate for more and more our people to enhance their awareness of environmental protection, joint efforts for improving urban air quality. BACK

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