Move to pick the day? Talk about "moving Zodiac"

"Since the wife moving company Web site moving day, chose Monday not only moving, but also have to be at 6 in the morning!   "Members of the public complained weeks to make, many moving companies deliberately hang out on the site called" moving day ", otherwise there is no pick days people have to start thinking about the idea" when moving to Geely "problem. In cross, brother and many other moving company on the website, these Web sites by month, Zodiac tables detailing monthly, in September, for example, 5 days is moving day, because these days on the calendar says "Yi into the House." "Chinese folk tradition, held a ground-breaking, the upper beam, moving, opening, marriage celebrations, travel, Contracting, and finance, commodities trading, investment and the funeral must select a zodiac, whose purpose is to pray to avoid fierce.   "Many moving companies has also spread to the public about what is" lucky day ". "Consult, which day is September 2010 moving to no avail? "User Mr Lu wrote on the moving company's Web site.   He said moving is a big deal, although he didn't really believe "the Zodiac" is, but if written in the Almanac "bogey into the House, avoiding bed" day moving, still a little nervous. "Everyone in my family never thought of what Zodiac, we see that this ' Almanac tables ' and this had to be done.   "Mr weeks said, this so-called" moving day "for them misleading. One moved company of head told reporter, he had met had many in moved Shi "keen" turned Almanac of public, mantissa for "6, and 8, and 9" of days is moved who selected have up of, these days of business volume accounted for has seven or eight into above; and mantissa for "4, and 3" and Almanac Shang standard with "all thing should not be, and should not be ground-breaking", claims of days on little candidates. Thus, the company was simply hanging out on the site moving day.   The official said some busy white-collar work, deliberately picked a non-"good day" move, in order to avoid shortages of workers. "Lucky day moving although there is no scientific basis for selection, but people move to pick good times asking for Hei Shun understandable. "In this regard, sociologists say, so-called errors, mostly just folklore, people not too seriously. BACK

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