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In the minds of people, moved to a new House for the family of a necessity. Based on past experience, many customers there have been some problems after the move, the reason is because in the process of moving some of the negligent. Upon the request of friends, I moved the program to do a simple finish. From the perspective of Yi, combining traditional practices with Feng Shui theory, will be moving the necessary procedures with which we talk about so people can safely moved to a new House. Moved to a new House must know the seven steps! First, select auspicious auspicious, for moving at the beginning of the first step. Some people choose the days when books like experience, look to no avail. It should be noted here is that Almanac "Zodiac" is for all the people. Zodiac, for some people for Kyrgyzstan, and for some people may not good. Good standards in relation to when the date of birth of the individual to consider. Selection of auspicious light is not enough to look at the almanac's lucky day, just choices in General, specific to the individual, you must combine their birthday, then follow the 12 c star select auspicious day that fits your moving. The best list of high level professionals to do it. Second, stick to move couplets, its booming meaning, as well as inform your neighbors. Or according to their own will, or purchase ready-made couplets can be. Three, Firecracker civil wedding custom of setting off firecrackers, moved to a new House not exception, lively of firecrackers, the joy of moving to better release. Also inform you gods, seeking its protection. Four fortune, renewal of water from its original home on half a bottle of water, to a new home after filling the kettle, mix cooking and drinking. Water means wealth, said the money has not been enough half a pot of water, need to move beyond making, Fortune continued. Five, baked "roll over pie" after the original pancake baked good, even on a pan, and place a lighted lamp on a pancake, into their new home after the pancakes on the other side. Six, mistress worship (the hostess on behalf of the whole family) stood in front of the building slightly (or small gate), God location, and eight on yellow paper, Shou Jin (ingot) eight, meaning nosy direction, in all directions, and the eight note is, land and water, please take care of the whole family. Around seven, sweet boy (girl) hosts three incense in hand, round the House for a week, corners to go to, meaning good luck, aroma filled the room. After burning incense placed in the oven, and an image of fruit, snacks. Best longan, steamed sponge cake, apples, persimmons, and homophonic Geely's tribute, not unlucky homonym items such as pears. Turn bread, long face, wine (long) and so on. King three papers, the salute. (Heaven, Earth, three, three)

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